Jimmy Fallon Unleashed A Series Of Burns On The Eagles And Cowboys

On Sunday night, the Dallas Cowboys take on the Philadelphia Eagles in another primetime match-up between two of the teams from the uniformly-terrible NFC East. (The East: Where 2-6 means you’ve got a good shot at a division title!) We saw this not too long ago, when the Eagles trounced the New York Giants 27-7 on a Monday night game that was played just about as poorly — on both sides — as any game this, or any season. Maybe NBC resents the scheduling choices they’ve made (they’re not allowed to start “flexing” more compelling games yet), and have decided to take out their frustrations with a Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon burn session.

The segment is called “Tonight Show Superlatives,” but it’s really just Fallon looking at roster pictures of Eagles and Cowboys players and making fun of their faces. It is the simplest of premises, but who cares! Enjoy a (relatively) tiny little man making fun of a succession of people who could beat the ever-loving crap out of him. Some of our favorites are Brandon Weeden (“Most likely to say ‘Uh Oh’ during sex”) and Connor Barwin, whose name you should stick around to the end to find out. It’s really best as a visual joke.