Jimmy Garoppolo Burns The Arizona Defense Like His Name Was Tom Brady

There were plenty of concerns for the Patriots offense coming into Sunday Night Football. The offensive line was patchwork at best, Arizona’s defense is tough (especially in Arizona), and Jimmy Garoppolo was under center. No one expected them to do well.

But, the one thing you can expect in the NFL is the unexpected. Garoppolo has looked fantastic in his first drive of 2016, going 4/5 for 75 yards and a slick 37-yard TD to the wide open Chris Hogan to put New England up 7-0 in the first quarter.

Garoppolo has already shown a solid rapport with his receivers, linking up with Edelman 4 times in just the first quarter. The more things change, the more they stay the same, it seems. Edelman is already sacrificing his body, and the Patriots are playing with the passion of a thousand Angry Tom Brady’s™ and Hooded Bill Belichick’s™.

Perhaps Rob Gronkowski won’t be in trouble offensively when he (hopefully) comes back next week.

Beyond that deep play, everything else is going as expected. James White is getting check downs early and often, Martellus Bennett is fiery, and Bill Belichick doesn’t care about your fantasy team. Football is back, and it feels so good to not have a clue about what comes next.

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