Jimmy Haslam Drafted Johnny Manziel Because A Homeless Guy Told Him To

Perhaps the best part of the NFL Draft is the horribly hilarious narrative that the analysts, critics and pundits subject us to when they’re trying to make every aspect of each pick more dramatic and spectacular. Exhibit A of this time-honored tradition came to us last night after the Cleveland Browns ended Johnny Manziel’s embarrassing green room experience at Radio City Music Hall by trading up to select his SWAGGER with the 22nd pick. The Browns seemed like the perfect fit for Johnny Football the whole time, so it shouldn’t have surprised anyone that they traded up for him after they were first able to snag Justin Gilbert, arguably the best CB in the draft, with the 8th pick.

But that’s not a fun story. Instead, the Browns wanted to make this sound like a magical experience that involved the universe pushing owner Jimmy Haslem into a moment of unbelievable serendipity. So he told Sal Paolantonio’s eyebrows that it was a fan who randomly told him to draft Manziel, and even better than that, the fan was homeless! Haha, homeless people love giving rich people advice!

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While everyone is busy giving out draft grades, I’d like to offer my own draft grade for Haslam’s story:

(H/T to SB Nation)