J.J. Watt Shows One Fan Why It’s A Bad Idea To Rush The Stage At A Zac Brown Concert

J.J. Watt continues to be a lot of things to a lot of people. For instance, he’s been a hero to sick kids. He’s also been a dance instructor. Hell, he’s even been a guy who will help you get out of work on a Friday. The man’s philanthropy and list of occupations knows no bounds, and after what happened at a Zac Brown Band concert over the weekend, we can now add concert security to that list.

As Watt’s own description on Twitter says, nobody messes with Zac Brown Band. After a concert-goer rushed the stage at one of their shows over the weekend, the All-Pro showed everyone what happens if you do.

Was the rush clearly staged to allow Watt to pummel a guy, while also getting a rise out of everyone in the crowd? Of course. Was it still a proper form tackle from the best defensive player in the NFL and an early indication that we could all use football back in our lives? Hell yes.

Keep ’em coming, J.J.