Joakim Noah’s First Pitch Missed The Mark So He Asked For A Do-Over

Senior Editor
Joakim Noah


For the second time in as many weeks, a celebrity has asked for a do over on a first pitch, which let’s be honest, isn’t o.k. at all. I mean, the whole point of the first pitch is for me to laugh at you and make GIFs and Vines of how stupid you are. That’s the whole Goddamn point. You’re ruining it for us.

Anyway, the latest bozo asking for a do-over is Chicago Bulls forward Joakim Noah at this afternoon’s White Sox game. Boo the hell out of him, people. Boo the hell out of him.

His first attempt wasn’t even bad. That’s some bullshit you guys. Where would we be in society if people got do-overs. You know what? I blame entitled millenials, this all their fault. It’s always their fault.

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