Joe Buck’s Disastrous ‘Celebrity Family Feud’ Answer Made His Team Absolutely Furious

All funny Family Feud clips tend to have a similar cadence when you really break it down. Steve Harvey asks a leading question, a contestant panics and gives a suggestive or outright bad answer, and Harvey sells it with exaggerated body language or comments about that answer. It’s all pretty great.

The show is designed to get people saying silly things, but it can admittedly be very hard when you’re searching for a single answer on the board. And it’s even harder during a pandemic when huddling up is more difficult and your teammate straight up doesn’t listen to your very good suggestion and basically gives up. Which is why Joe Buck’s family is probably not very happy with him.

The broadcaster and once-Jeopardy! guest host had his family square off against the Hudson family, of which the actress Kate Hudson is a member. Actor Oliver Hudson was there, but Kate was not, though she was mentioned during a category about which members of the family are smarter. This is where Buck made his big gaffe. After the Hudsons failed to clear the board and take the win, the Bucks were given a chance to steal and keep the game alive. Here’s the board.


Again, the question is “We talked to 100 men. Name a woman in your life that’s smarter than you.” And Buck, for some reason, started congratulating the other team on their victory instead of listening to the smart women in his life.

“I’d like to congratulate the Hudson family on its win. From the bottom of my heart I could not be more proud of all five of you. You just met, you came in here and you kicked all of our asses.”

He then sheepishly guessed “best friend,” which caused the other members of his team to do this.


“What? That’s not what we’re going with,” said Michelle. Apparently, Buck didn’t listen to everyone else, who wanted to say “boss.” That set up a tense scene that was suddenly more about just whether the Bucks or Hudsons would win the game. Would Joe Buck be right, or, even worse, would he be wrong and the answer he neglected to say actually be the right answer?

Yes, yes it would.


“God, please don’t be up there,” Buck said leaning against the podium as his family explains how he betrayed them. And then, of course “boss” is revealed and everyone lost it.

What followed is the typical Steve Harvey reaction, magnified by Buck’s family absolutely roasting him for switching things up after the huddle where they all agreed on “boss.” It was a pretty funny moment when you remember that the game doesn’t really matter.

Either way, it’s very unlikely Buck gets any praise for his performance from frenemy James Holzhauer. But hopefully his family got over him waving the white flag here instead of just listening to them.