Joe Buck Teased A Bunch Of Cubs Fans

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04.30.12 3 Comments

The American Red Cross hosted its annual Evening of the Stars last Thursday in Normal, Illinois, and assuming hosting duties for the evening was none other than Fox Sports’ purveyor of smarmy matter of fact-ness, Joe Buck. Buck became another of many sports figures who have hosted this event – including Coach K, Peyton Manning, Mike Ditka and Bob Costas – but we’re pretty sure this year’s event will be one people are talking about for a long time.

Continuing the fine work of the MLB 12: The Show marketing team, Buck played to the Chicago Cubs fans in the crowd by allowing them to close their eyes and imagine what it would be like to hear him call their first World Series victory in 120-something years. Obviously, it hasn’t been that long, but as Buck refers to Starlin Castro as a 34-year veteran, it’s apparent that he, too, knows that this latest re-building effort is going to take some time.

I know that the MLB 12 commercial and Buck’s speech are simply playful and optimistically light-hearted in nature, but you have to imagine that at some point, if we keep poking the sleeping bear – in this case the rage of a century of nightmares for Cubs fans – that bear is going to wake up and tear us to shreds.

Soon, Cubs fans will just start showing up at baseball stadiums and start beating the crap out of everyone. It will be a new Civil War, except people will be even more drunk and the women will probably not only be allowed to fight, but they’ll be better at it.

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