You Need To See Joe Rogan’s Reaction To Ronda Rousey Getting Knocked Out

11.16.15 2 years ago 11 Comments

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You’ve probably seen the Ronda Rousey vs. Holly Holm headkick heard ’round the world dozens of times by now, but not like this. UFC commentator Joe Rogan hooked his good friend and Australian kickboxing champion John Wayne Parr up with seats right next to the cage, and Parr captured the historic moment Holm knocked Rousey out on his phone.

Seeing the finish through the cage adds extra drama to the whole situation; there’s no cycling through camera angles. Just Ronda Rousey lying unconscious on the canvas as officials tend to her. And then at the end, Joe Rogan reacting to the whole thing.


John Wayne Parr

He has a similar two-step reaction to everyone else watching:

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