Joe Theismann Had a Freudian Slip

Come, join me and george gorging yourself in my wonderous bounty!

Joe Theismann made an appearance on the NFL Network to discuss this weekend’s Patroits-Jets matchup, and had an unfortunate slip of the tongue involving Danny Woodhead and a pretty obvious double entendre. Now, I’m a big fan of double entendres, and this one is moderately funny, but Deion Sanders’ reaction is really unwarranted.

This would be a great time for me to go a rant about professionalism in journalism, but that would be unnecessary and really boring to read. I will, however, slap on a pair of surgical gloves and prescribe Deion a 20mg daily dose of Lobster Dog for his sense of humor deficiency. On second thought, I’d rather not hear him laugh at all. His laughter sounds like a cat having an abortion. Video after the jump.