Listen To MMA Fighter Joe Warren’s Painful Screech From Bellator 135

Yesterday, during a bantamweight title fight in Bellator 135, “The Self-Proclaimed Baddest Man On the Planet” Joe Warren defended his title against Marcos Galvao. Warren and Galvao fought back in 2011, and Warren took a very controversial win — despite getting beat up for at least two rounds. The rematch ended with much less controversy:

That pterodactyl-like shriek you hear is Joe Warren yelling out in pain. According to the unified rules of mixed martial arts, such a scream constitutes a verbal submission. Galvao won the title and got to celebrating:

Warren, meanwhile, whined and complained at the stoppage — despite the fact that it was perfectly legal. It certainly wasn’t the terrible stop from the Leandro Silva vs Drew Dober fight last week in Brazil:

And, of course, since this is the internet, some jokey-jokesters had to get involved:

But it’s not really meme-worthy until someone adds a goat, so here’s this incredible mashup:

Congratulations to Marcos Galvao on his title win. I assume Joe Warren is stumping for a rematch while icing his knee and drinking honey tea to soothe his throat.