03.19.07 11 years ago 4 Comments

Official With Leather villain Joey Porter is staying busy this off-season. According to Norm Clarke (from The Big Lead), the sociopathic Steeler-turned-Dolphin got into a fight with — and this will shock you — a member of the Cincinnati Bengals.

Porter, an All-Pro linebacker who recently left the Pittsburgh Steelers to join the Miami Dolphins, brawled with Cincinnati Bengals offensive lineman Levi Jones, at about 6 p.m. at a blackjack table in the casino. Jones, who suffered scratches, told Las Vegas police he would be filing charges against Porter. Sources said there has been bad blood between the two.

Scratches? Watch out, that cat's got claws! Rowr!

It also seems like a strange setting for a Vegas fight. Not 3 a.m. Not outside a nightclub. Not in a strip club late on Saturday night. Not in a ring at the MGM. Six p.m. on a Sunday evening at the blackjack table. It just goes to show that Joey Porter cares not for the typical drunken athlete mistakes. He'll make his mistakes sober, on the Lord's day! Right in the middle of the casino! Cuz he's Joey Porter! They shot him in Denver!

Of course, this is just something from the rumor mill, so it can't be confirmed until The Smoking Gun snatches the police report… but c'mon. This is Joey Porter we're talking about. If Joey Porter has taught us anything, it's that Joey Porter is an oversensitive asshole who needs medication. Sorry, no joke here. I really mean that.

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