Johnny Manziel Threatened To Kill Himself And His Then-Girlfriend, According To A New Report

Johnny MAnziel
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Johnny Manziel threatened to kill himself after assaulting his ex-girlfriend, who was so afraid for her life that she jumped from a car to hide from the quarterback, according to a report by

Colleen Crowley, who dated Manziel for two years before the relationship ended in December 2015, alleged that Manziel hit her, forced her into a car, pulled her by her hair and threatened to kill her and himself. According to the story, Crowley remains afraid for her life and has drafted an order of protection to be presented to a Tarrant County district court judge.

Despite the allegations, authorities do not plan to file charges against Manziel.

The assault allegedly took place in Dallas in the early hours of Saturday, Jan. 30.

Sources say while in his hotel room, the two of them argued over another girl. Crowley told police she tried to leave the room, but that Manziel wouldn’t let her.

Crowley told police Manziel “restrained” in some manner and “led” her down a back stairway to the valet area.

“I was crying and begged the valet, ‘Please don’t let him take me. I’m scared for my life!'” she told police. The valet reportedly told her, “I don’t know what to do” and let Manziel leave with her.

Manziel refuted Crowley’s allegations of assault and suicide threats in a TMZ story.

The Cleveland Browns had already hinted at parting ways with Manziel before Crowley’s story emerged, so this should only solidify that coming decision.

The real issue isn’t Manziel’s football career — it’s his life, how it appears to be spiraling out of control and is becoming a danger to others. Manziel’s partying has received most of the headlines, but this is the second reported incident involving Crowley. In October, Manziel was involved in an alcohol-related domestic dispute with Crowley that left her with an abrasion on her arm.

No charges were filed then, either.

“We’re trying to get our son better,” Manziel’s father, Paul Manziel, told News 8. “We’re not there yet.”

There seems to be a pattern here, yet police in two jurisdictions haven’t seen fit to file charges against Manziel. If someone doesn’t get Manziel help soon, one of these alleged incidents may become something an order of protection will be too late to prevent.

UPDATE: Johnny Manziel’s agent has dropped the quarterback as a client.