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Buccaneers coach Jon Gruden was fired last week, and at least one person isn’t too broken up about it.  Former Bucs defensive end Simeon Rice was a little more than candid about his feelings on Sirius NFL Radio.

“You look at what he did when Chris [Simms] damn near died on the field, he wanted to release him right when he got injured. I get hurt, my shoulder’s torn off the bone. This dude releases me. You know what I mean? I’m your guy. The list goes on.

“Keenan McCardell, that situation was a debacle. Keyshawn Johnson, another situation [that] was a debacle. Joey Galloway, which was his man, was in the doghouse all year because he got injured, broke his ankle or whatever. Brad Johnson, that situation was bad. Brings Jeff Garcia in here, oh, he’s going to change things. I helped recruit him [and he] released me, kept Jeff and then put him in the doghouse. Gets rid of Brian Griese, brings him, starts a controversy. It was chaotic…

“I’m just giving you facts. I’m not giving you how I feel personally. How I feel personally?  I could tell you that, too. I think he’s a scumbag. I think he’s a scumbag personally… You know what he told me? ‘Simeon you’ll be here in the next five years.’ I got injured [and] this man’s never said one word to me. I won a Super Bowl for you. I got 13 sacks, 12, 15 every year for you. I balled. I got injured [and] you let me go like it was nothing.”

Rice finished the interview by praising just about every other coach in the Tampa organization.  Then he left to go take a dump on Gruden’s porch.

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