Jon Hamm Offered Up The Worst Home Run Calls In Baseball History

Before last night’s ulcer-inducing 6-5 win by the St. Louis Cardinals over the Pittsburgh Pirates, everyone’s favorite Mad Men star and celebrity sports fan Jon Hamm joined the crew of Baseball Tonight to talk shop. What was interesting about Hamm’s appearance is that he’s a well-known lifelong fan of the Cardinals, but in his new film, Million Dollar Arm, he plays JB Bernstein, the agent ultimately responsible for introducing Indian cricket players Rinku Singh and Dinesh Patel to Major League Baseball and, specifically, the Pirates. Wow, what a conflict of interests! (Not really, but it’s fun to pretend.)

What Hamm really had on display on last night’s pregame show was his grasp of the ability to coin new baseball phrases on the spot, as Karl Ravech and Barry Larkin invited him to create his own home run calls. The result, as you can see if this pitiful quality video, is awful yet delightful, because Hamm is still just about the most charming guy on the planet, even when he’s saying something as dumb as, “Namaste knock you out.” What does that even mean, Don Draper?

You’d think that Baseball Tonight would have video of Hamm guest-hosting readily available, but then that would just be too easy and convenient. But to make up for that terrible video, here’s Hamm also talking to the Pittsburgh media with Singh and his huge earrings.