Jon Hamm On Michael Sam: ‘I’m Very Happy That He Landed With The Rams’

Ever since the end of the NFL Draft, some of the Michael Sam coverage has been rather daft. Should a team have taken him higher than the 7th round? No real reason for his fall had apparently been found. Some argued that he wasn’t that great, thus the reason for going so late, but others argued that no SEC Defensive Player of the Year should have ever had that kind of fear. “It’s because he’s gay,” they’d say, even today, not because he couldn’t play, but whose opinion could they sway? Only one man, then, the star of Mad Men, could see the light and fight the good fight.

A Mizzou grad and a handsome lad, Jon Hamm on Michael Sam as a Ram? He told the St. Louis paper to avoid such a caper that it was indeed a fine pick and his opinion is worth a lick.

“I’m very happy that he landed with the Rams. I cannot believe that a guy with that much talent and that much upside fell that far in the draft, and I think we all know why,” Hamm told the Post-Dispatch. “The message at the end of the day when you distill it all down — it was pretty positive. As a culture, as a society, and as a sports culture I think we’ve taken a pretty nice quantum leap to where that kind of thing is understood and not just treated like an immediate, knee-jerk macho (crud). It was very nice to see that, and it was especially nice to see how that (Mizzou) team was like, ‘Sorry, if you don’t like it; tough. He’s our guy.’” (Via the St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

I didn’t actually mean this to be a poem, but when I accidentally wrote the headline like a Dr. Seuss poem, I just couldn’t resist. No YOU are the one who has too much time on his hands.