These Jordan Spieth Bobbleheads Are Not To Be Trusted

Jordan Spieth had a big 2015, and in celebration of that memorable year he got his very own bobblehead. A bunch of fans attending the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am this weekend are getting one, but in the meantime BobbleSpieth is out doing whatever it is bobbleheads do, which apparently includes terrorizing coworkers and taking selfies on the course.

Look, we’re not here to advocate what bobbleheads should or should not be doing. I just watched the Super Bowl from a dang gentleman’s club. But if that bobblehead isn’t dragging the sandtrap or fixing his divots, there’s going to be a serious problem. And if BobbleSpieth is disrespectful enough to hit shots at the dude in the cubical next to him, I’m willing to bet he’s dropping his beer cans on the grass instead of throwing them in the trash or driving his cart in a clearly marked “No Carts Allowed” area. Come on BobbleSpieth. You’re better than that, man. Be more like your animate, breathing, human self. For all of us.

Gotta hand it to the bobblehead pros, they get better and better at making these things as lifelike as possible. I’m not saying there should be a new Toy Story movie starring bobbleheads, but I’m not not saying that either.