Watch This Supercut Of Masters Champ Jordan Spieth Willing His Balls In The Right Direction

Athletes have a well-known history of pleading with their balls in order to manipulate them to come through in a clutch situation. Who can forget Carlton Fisk waving his arms at his home run ball to stay to the right in Game Six of the 1975 World Series? And of course there was the great Ernie McCracken whispering into his bowling ball, pleading with it to help him out for just three more strikes in the final of the $1,000,000 winner-take-all tournament in Reno, NV. “I need you now, more than ever,” Mccracken would say.

Well, it appears as though Masters champion Jordan Spieth has developed a similar habit on the golf course, and now, thanks to a resourceful user on Youtube, we have a supercut of his greatest hits.

Hits that include, “Get down! Get down!” As well as the classic, “get up, get up, GET UP!” And perhaps my personal favorite, “go hard! Go Hard! Go! HARD!”

Please feel free to keep on guiding that ball to victory, Jordan.

[The Big Lead]