This José Calderón Kia Commercial Is Fake. I Am 99% Sure.

Once upon a time, the more gullible of our ilk could watch television and believe LeBron James sinking full court shots, or Michael Vick having the power to throw a football out of a stadium. Those days are long gone, and all we’re left with is Toronto Raptors and Spanish national team star José Calderón sitting in front of a Kia, moving his arms as terrible-looking CGI basketballs make jokes.

It’s funny that YouTube commenters are already declaring FAKE~! on the clip, which is sorta like screaming FAKE in a movie theater when Catwoman shoots Bane with a motorcycle rocket. These Powerade-esque commercials are supposed to be a demonstration of something impossibly awesome, not of a bored guy on the set of a car commercial missing in shapes. They should’ve just showed some highlights, then drove a car onto the court with a big ALSO HERE IS A KIA across the screen. Anything would’ve been better than those yakkity-sax basketballs.

[h/t Ball Don’t Lie]

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