Jose Ramirez Landed A Big Right Hand On Tim Anderson During A Guardians-White Sox Brawl

Baseball brawls normally don’t escalate too terribly much, as they usually feature some pushing and shoving, the benches clearing out, guys getting separated, and the game getting back underway pretty quickly. That decidedly did not happen during the sixth inning of Saturday night’s game between the Chicago White Sox and the Cleveland Guardians, as there was plenty of pushing and shoving but only after Jose Ramirez and Tim Anderson squared up and threw some bombs.

Ramirez slid into second base and appeared to take exception to Anderson standing over the him and the bag, all while keeping a tag on him. After Ramirez convinced Anderson to move, he got up and pointed directly at his face while the two jawed at one another. Anderson dropped his glove, the two squared up, both guys threw a few punches, and eventually, Ramirez was able to land one that connected cleanly and led to Anderson hitting the deck.

That is about as clean of a right hand as you’ll see in a non-boxing or MMA fight, and Anderson is probably going to want to throw a bag of ice on that as soon as possible. Unsurprisingly, both Anderson and Ramirez got ejected for this.