Josh Hamilton Will Not Stop Murdering The Baltimore Orioles

05.11.12 7 years ago 3 Comments

Josh Hamilton of the Texas Rangers has hit six home runs in the series against the Baltimore Orioles, including Tuesday’s game wherein he became only the sixth player in the history of the American League to hit four homers in a single game. He went 5-for-5 and drove in eight runs, four of which were Elvis Andrus and four of which were himself. Believe it or not, that’s not the highlight for me.

I grew up in Virginia as an O’s fan (before moving to Cleveland and discovering how much more fun perennial losing is when it’s racist), so the coolest and most mythic thing you can do at Oriole Park in Camden Yards is bank a ball off the B&O Warehouse in right. Ken Griffey Jr. did it during the 1993 Home Run Derby. I’ve sworn for years that I saw Pete Incaviglia do it once during batting practice, but I can’t verify it.

During Thursday’s game, Josh Hamilton hit the warehouse. Not only that, he hit a window on the second floor of it. Excuse me as I revert back to 13-year old me and say, “holy sh*t”. Video is below.

I’m gonna keep pretending that Hamilton and Albert Pujols pulled a Freaky Friday on us during the offseason, and Pujols is falling off the wagon and struggling and Hamilton is banking shots off the f**king moon.

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