Watch Josh McCown Scramble Directly Into A Stadium Wall

Josh McCown isn’t really known as a speedy mobile quarterback, but he has the ability to run if need be. Unfortunately, he hasn’t had the best luck avoiding violent collisions at the conclusion of those runs this season.

In Week 1, the Cleveland Browns quarterback was knocked out of the game with a concussion after getting drilled by a defender in mid-air while trying to dive into the endzone for a touchdown. During the Browns’ Week 7 contest against the Rams, McCown managed to avoid any defenders by running out of bounds during a second quarter scramble. Unfortunately, he ran too far out of bounds and ended up getting hit-sticked by a stadium wall. As if that wasn’t embarrassing enough, it happened right in front of a cheerleader.

I’m not really sure what the heck happened here, though. It certainly looked like McCown had enough time to put on the brakes or at least brace himself for impact with the wall and stay on his feet, but apparently those walls can sneak up on you? It appears that McCown managed to avoid suffering a concussion on the hilarious blooper, which is more than Gus Frerotte can say, but his brain may not be the same after that big Week 1 collision.