Julian Edelman Is Out Here Comparing Jimmy Garoppolo To Hall Of Fame QBs

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Are you excited for the Jimmy Garoppolo Sweepstakes? Of course you are. I see those commemorative plates on the wall. The Patriots’ backup quarterback has a freshly-acquired Super Bowl ring, and now speculation of a potential trade has kicked up a notch. In a recent chat with NFL Total Access, veteran Patriots receiver gave such a glowing review of Jimmy G’s skills that he might want to double as his agent.

“The guy is a stud,” offered Edelman on his teammate. “He went out and played in the regular season and played very well. He has that kind of gunslinger-like confidence, that Brett Favre, Aaron Rodgers kind of confidence.”

Tossing out comparisons to Farve and Rodgers (albeit in one metric) is a pretty strong endorsement to give, although the limited sample size for Garoppolo starts (two in three years) makes the claim a little murkier for regular fans to accept.

The 25-year-old QB certainly isn’t the only Tom Brady backup to be seen as a potential solution at pivot and the results in that regard have been “mixed” to put it politely. Matt Cassell and Brian Hoyer have been the biggest post-Brady quarterback success stories in the NFL, so disappointments like Houston’s Ryan Mallett experiment probably weigh heavy on the minds of many an offensively starved GM.

Edelman’s endorsement may ease those worries … or it might be a way of sucking up to a new QB on the off-chance Brady’s out of action. Either way, Pats fans will continue to hold parades for every single team member until training camp.

(Via ESPN)