The Patriots Pulled Off The Biggest Super Bowl Comeback Ever And Won On This Overtime Play

The New England Patriots have won their fifth Super Bowl. Considering that they were down 28-3 at one point in the second half, that statement is completely absurd. But somehow, New England came back from the dead to win Super Bowl LI, 34-28.

The game-winner came after the Patriots marched down the field in overtime. While New England was knocking on the goal line, Tom Brady threw a pitch to James White, who scampered into the end zone to give the Patriots another Lombardi Trophy. The Falcons looked like they got there in enough to stuff White, but he powered his way into the end zone to cap off the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history.

Once the game got into overtime, the Patriots got the ball and started to march down the field. The team got down onto the goal line because of a pass interference that kept Martellus Bennett from catching a pass that very well could have gone for six.

After this, New England ran two plays – one was a Brady pass that got tipped by a Falcons defender, the next one was the touchdown.

After, Brady and Belichick met at midfield and hugged one another. It was quite a moment, as arguably the best quarterback and best coach of all-time came together to celebrate winning a championship in the most improbable way you can imagine.

Hopefully everyone who stopped watching early because the Patriots fell behind, namely the President of the United States, will start taking the whole “Never Count Out Touchdown Tom” thing seriously going forward.