Julian Edelman Wrote A Children’s Book Featuring ‘Tom The Goat’

12.08.17 2 years ago

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Noted New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman is also an author. His memoir came out earlier this year but, like me, he’s also a children’s author. You may not know that, but the wideout has already released one children’s book, Flying High, and has another one on the way.

This book, though illustrated and definitely not real, does seem to have some very deliberate inspiration. For example, Edelman’s nickname is “the squirrel,” so it’s no surprise that the main character is a squirrel named Jules.

Flying High 2 was released on Edelman’s website on Friday and features the story of said squirrel getting some help from a goat named Tom to beat some Falcons and oh I get what’s going on here.

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