Who Won The NFL Weekend? Julio Jones And His Insane 300-Yard Day

10.03.16 2 years ago

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In which we pick the one player (or coach, or equipment manager, or mascot, or drunk fan) who made the biggest impact on NFL Sunday — the one who gets people talking the most, in a good way.

There might be no more fun debate around the NFL from year to year than the title for the game’s best wide receiver. Sometimes, a star burns so bright that consensus can’t help but form — Calvin Johnson’s peak, Randy Moss’s before that — but often, it’s a couple of guys whose dominance is just the preferred flavor of some rather than others, like Terrell Owens versus Marvin Harrison. The past two years, we’ve delighted in two main players once again in Antonio Brown and Julio Jones.

Oh sure, the likes of Odell Beckham Jr. and (especially) A.J. Green deserve periodic consideration, but Brown and Jones are like evolutionary forms of Owens and Harrison — Jones is faster than T.O. ever was, and might be just as strong, and Brown is more of a deep threat than Harrison ever was, with hands just as sticky. They’re completely different animals, and both are unstoppable, and you could pick either one as the best wide receiver alive without raising any eyebrows. That being said, Julio staked one hell of a claim on Sunday.

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