Just Your Typical $68,000 Foosball Table

03.18.11 7 years ago

Good news for those of you sick of playing foosball without the snobbish component of European luxury. One Dutch design firm has just released a series of luxury foosball tables. Titled simply “11,” each table takes 12 weeks to hand-produce and will run you 48,000 euros (roughly $68,550 USD). I don’t know if that includes shipping.

From the creators’ web site:

11’s sweeping curves reflect the beauty and grandeur of today’s modern stadiums, while its atmospheric lighting and chromed metal players capture the excitement and drama of a classic sporting encounter.

Each individually numbered table is meticulously hand-finished to the very highest standards by skilled European craftsmen.

It keeps score for you and, if you’re having a slow day, you could probably bathe in it as well.

This thing is way too fancy for my place, but I know what big spenders you guys are, so just consider this “for your information.” And if you’re looking for something a bit cheaper, here‘s a $3,000 ping pong table that might float your boat. Yes, I know it’s called table tennis, but I’m going to call it a table tennis table. Do you call your mother a whore whore?

via @Bunch.

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