Kate Upton Held A Skateboard For Charity As The World Showered Her With Praise

Over the weekend, Zoo York and Stoker Mentoring gathered 30 Brooklyn teenagers to help clean up Fort Greene Park, and the star of the event was probably supposed to be 18-year old skateboarding phenom Chaz Ortiz, but then super model and 2011 With Leather Celebrity Sports Fan of the Year Kate Upton showed up, and approximately all of the teenage boys suddenly had to stop picking up trash and sit down for 5-10 minutes.
A multiple Dew Tour event winner, Ortiz even showed Upton a few tricks with his skateboard, and then he probably asked her if she wanted to go see a movie or something, and she replied, “Aw, that’s sweet, but my boyfriend won 24 games last season and you’ve only finished 4th at the X Games, so I’m good.” But Kate was more than happy to give back to her community, even if she wasn’t exactly dressed for the occasion.

She was aware that her sandals were perhaps not the most suitable footwear.
She joked: ‘Hey, at least I’m not wearing heels!’
Speaking to ESPN, Kate revealed why taking part in the park clean up was important to her.
She said: ‘I love being able to work with kids who have disadvantages and work together and make this a better community.’ (Via the Daily Mail, images as well.)

Upton, whom the Daily Mail wrote is “usually seen walking the Victoria’s Secret catwalk in ethereal lingerie”, despite never having been employed by Victoria’s Secret, was a good sport as Ortiz offered to show her some skateboard tricks, as she admitted that she’s horrible at riding a skateboard. I assume it’s because she’s so obese and the board just bends in the middle when she steps on. Gross.
Kate gives a little back to the kids after the jump, and I also include a new Upton GIF that is finally relevant.

Her skin tone matches her pants, but sadly her shirt does not match Wonder Woman’s jet.
All four of those guys are making the correct facial expressions.
Moments later, 40 men stopped raking their own lawns and sprinted over to help Kate finish hers.
(“Skate Upton” )