Kate Upton And Paul Simon Were Much More Behaved At The New York Knicks Game

“BOOOOOOOOOOORING!” That’s what I’d yell if I had second row floor seats for the New York Knicks and I sat behind Paul Simon and Kate Upton at last night’s game against the Miami Heat. After all, only a few days ago, I’d have sat behind Michelle Rodriguez and Cara Delevingne and they were total rock stars, smoking eCigs like Stephen Dorff tells us to and sneaking kisses in front of the cameras that were pointed directly at them. It’s almost as if Kate Upton and Paul Simon are the exact opposite of M-Rod and C-Ving.

And you know who’s pretty upset about this? David Duchovny. Look at him sitting down there all mopey. You know he saw the photos from a few days ago and thought, “Holy crap, I need to go to a Knicks game!” and then he showed up and he saw Ol’ Boring and Bouncy sitting next to him and he sighed. What’s a recovering sex addict got to do to see a little crazy bisexual actress on wild child runway model around here anyway?

At least the Knicks won, 102-92. Like Duchovny even cares.

(Photos via Getty)