Instagram Of The Day: Kate Upton Made Chopstick Mustaches With Stacy Keibler & Maria Menounos

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01.17.13 14 Comments

This Instagram image doesn’t come with a lot of context — all that accompanied it in its tweet was “Just girls bein girls” — but hey, Kate Upton, Stacy Keibler and Maria Menounos hung out last night, all sat on the same side of the table (?) and made facetious mustaches with their chopsticks.

Sorry to be all “uh here’s this one picture” about it, but I thought you should be made aware. Yesterday was my birthday, so I like to think they got together to celebrate it and I just missed the e-vite. Thanks, ladies, I appreciate it.

(Also, I can’t wait for mustaches to stop being funny.)

[h/t to @BoondyAlBoondy]

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