Keith Olbermann (And Everyone Else In The World) Thinks Lance Armstrong Should Shut The Hell Up

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12.13.13 16 Comments

Keith Olbermann Lance Armstrong

If I told you Lance Armstrong had a new interview in ESPN The Magazine to help explain why he started doping back in ’95 and where his head’s at right now, you’d pick up the nearest bicycle and smash me over the head with it, right? Every time he talks he makes things worse, and besides, everybody knows the Lance Armstrong Explanation List is just “It’s everybody else’s fault” followed quickly by “you should feel sorry for me.”

Armstrong’s interview is the subject of Keith Olbermann’s latest sports rant, although it’s hard to call it a “rant” when it’s mostly just him reading excerpts from the magazine and yelling SHUT UP, STUPID at the end. But you know what? That’s really the most educated point of view. Some of the stuff Lance says about how much people love him and how sad his wistful life has become is beyond believe, and even if you don’t like Olbermann, it’s hard to disagree.

Here you go:

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