Keith Olbermann Obliterates The Sochi Olympics In One Amazing Segment

If you haven’t been paying much attention, The Sochi Winter Olympics are about to get underway and they’re a f*cking nightmare. Sports outlets have been reporting all the double toilet, dog hunting nonsense that is going on at the moment, but Keith Olbermann compiles them all into this one perfect segment and nails it.

I think I was more than happy boycotting the Olympics when people were upset solely at Russia’s stance on homosexuality, but throw in this entire fiasco and I think it’s time to start getting serious about pulling out.

The sure thing is that when Olbermann is on his game, he’s hard to beat. The guy can be the biggest blow hard to ever suck wind, but he rarely buckles when he has a good point to make. The Sochi Olympics are turning out to be an epic mess and we should put it in the bin provided.

(Via Keith Olbermann)