The Kentucky Fan With The 2014 National Champions Tattoo Is Going To Keep It

A lot of people laughed at Kentucky Wildcats fan Tyler Black (AKA Tyrone AKA @Tizzblack) when it was revealed that he got a tattoo declaring the Kentucky Wildcats the 2014 NCAA men’s basketball National Champions despite the fact that nobody really gave John Calipari’s young team a chance this year. But up until last night’s title game, it was Black who seemed to be getting the last laugh, because his ink was a hell of a lot ballsier than the Seattle Seahawks fan who did the same thing last year, since a ton of people expected the Seahawks to win the Super Bowl. Instead, Black became a strange symbol of inspiration to his fellow Kentucky fans, as if that tat had made him a part of the Cats’ amazing tournament run to Dallas.

Black was at the game, as he Tweeted about his drunken time in Dallas in between Retweets of all the people supporting him in the face of haters, but it was the man who helped make Black famous this season who finally caught up to him and asked the most pressing question. Is he keeping the ink even though the Wildcats lost? Darren Rovell gets the answers.

“I’m keeping it,” Black said. “It’s a way to remember this team and it’s part of my life story.”

As Kentucky advanced, Black — who paid $80 for the tattoo — picked up hundreds of Twitter followers hoping to get a glimpse into his life as he shouted back at those who ribbed his decision.

“It didn’t really bother me that much,” Black said. “I know people outside of Kentucky can’t stand us.” (Via ESPN)

He’s obviously right on that front. I mean, I don’t really give a crap about Kentucky fans being arrogant about having a winning tradition, but as soon as Drake shows up in your team’s jacket? Hate hate hate hate hate hate hate.

If Kentucky had been bounced before the National Championship, maybe Black would feel a little different about keeping his tattoo. But after that run, he’ll have a story to share with his fellow fans for the rest of his life. Hell, people can still give him shit all they want, but can they say that every outlet and blogger from ESPN to lowly, ol’ me wrote about them and the stupid teams that they like this season? Nope. So depending on how you look at it, Black is still a winner in this.

Especially since there’s always someone who is going to regret the way they showed their team pride way more than the guy who got a tattoo.