Kevin Spacey Attended A Florida Panthers Game In A Sweatshirt With His Own Face On It

As promised earlier this week, Kevin Spacey was in attendance for Saturday’s Florida Panthers game against the Detroit Red Wings. This was no ordinary “celebrity taking in a hockey game” scenario either, as Spacey has basically become an unlikely, unofficial mascot for this year’s Panthers squad.

If you’re not caught up on the explainers, the Panthers have been using a sweatshirt with Spacey’s face on it as their ‘player of the game’ trinket this season, handing off the sweatshirt (dubbed ‘Spacey In Space‘) to the most deserving player after each win. The garment has become so popular that the team started selling it in their official store, with proceeds going to both the team’s charity and Spacey’s charity.

On Saturday, the crowd was littered with cutouts of Spacey’s face, but behind only one of them was the real man himself. He was wearing the ‘Spacey In Space’ sweatshirt, not the customized Fetty Wap jersey he packed for the trip.

As to be expected, the crowd went nuts (well, about as nuts as you could expect a Florida Panthers crowd to get) and welcomed Spacey with open arms. And look how happy he is to be there! Hockey’s most random, unlikely marriage seems to still be in the honeymoon stage.

The Panthers ended up setting a new franchise attendance record for a regular season game, proving that Frank Underwood is more powerful than we could ever imagine. Unfortunately, the Panthers lost the game and we’ve all seen how Frank reacts when people disappoint him. R.I.P. Panthers.