This Knicks Fan’s Raymond Felton Rants Are Becoming The Best Thing On YouTube

02.05.14 4 years ago 6 Comments
"Someone hug meeeeeeeeee!"

“Someone hug meeeeeeeeee!”

We’re just a little more than halfway through the NBA season, and if the playoffs started today, the New York Knicks would once again have left their fans feeling dissatisfied and furious. Also, the Charlotte Bobcats would be in the playoffs, and that would literally be the weirdest f*cking thing that has ever happened in the history of the Earth. Fortunately, the NBA is a capitalistic enterprise and the Knicks still have 34 regular season games remaining, and while coach Mike Woodson might not be around for all of them, point guard Raymond Felton probably will. That doesn’t sit well with at least one Knicks fan.

I won’t bother explaining why Knicks fans seem to hate Felton so much, as this gentleman, known as “Crazy Eights,” from the Orange and Blue Global Knicks forum has already done so well and with quite passionate vulgarity. Make sure to use headphones if you’re at work, but if you’re a Knicks fan, go ahead and shout along.

And here are a few of the other videos from OB Global to let you know how deep this loathing goes…

I just like this one because of the sexy saxophone:

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