Korie Lucious Kicked Off Spartans

01.26.11 7 years ago 4 Comments

Michigan State’s basketball team has already lost seven games (including one to Penn State… who lost to Maine) and have dropped out of the Top 25. The last thing they need is trouble within the team, which is exactly what they got when coach Tom Izzo suspended Korie Lucious for the rest of the season. This isn’t completely out of the blue, however, as Lucious has already been given a second chance after a DUI last August.

“Man did I really mess up this time…off 2 the gym I go!,” Lucious posted on his Twitter account shortly before the school announced his suspension late Tuesday night.

“Unfortunately, Korie Lucious displayed conduct detrimental to the program,” Izzo said in a statement issued by the school. “My focus is on this team for the remainder of the season.”-ESPN.

If we’ve learned anything about athletes, it’s that going to Twitter after having problems with your team is always the best decision. Nothing ever goes wrong when that happens, and no one ever “hacks” their accounts.

“Conduct detrimental to the program” could really be anything. Later in the article, it says that the police have “no active cases” of any kind filed against Lucious, so it must be something that happened in school. We can start taking bets here if you’d like. I’ve got 1000:1 odds that it was a food fight, and I wouldn’t even be mad if I lost, because food fights in college haven’t happened in so long.

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