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Actress Kristen Bell, best known for playing the title role in the WB's popular show Nancy Drew: Vampire Hunter, revealed in an interview with that she grew up in Detroit (read: the Detroit suburbs) and is a huge Red Wings fan.  What is your favorite hockey memory?
KB: My parents submitted a picture of me, in my catholic school uniform [Ed. note: giggety!], with my arms around the Stanley Cup.  It ended up on the ticket for Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Semifinals against Colorado in 1996. If you could meet any hockey player, who would you meet and why?
KB: Chris Osgood was my first crush. Brad Pitt be damned, he had nothing on Osgood's rookie skill and sad eyes. There was actually a day in high school when I wrote on a name tag 'Mrs. Osgood' and wore it the whole day. I really thought we were perfect for each other. I'd love to meet him and probably apologize that things never worked out.

Nice try, Kristen, but you've got a long way to go before you can be the same kind of NHL whore that Elisha Cuthbert is.  In a related story, the brakes on Osgood's wife's car no longer work properly.

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