06.30.08 10 years ago 12 Comments

Kristin Cavallari, whose name I almost always write "calamari," was the focal of a show called Laguna Beach, which I was certain was the stupidest fucking thing ever put on television.  I even said to myself, "Self, there's no possible way MTV can make a stupider, more pointless show than this."  Then MTV made The Hills.  Touché, MTV.  Well played.

Kristin showed up at the Irie Weekend Celebrity Golf Tournament in Miami this past weekend.  Other "celebrities" in attendance included Kevin Federline, Nick Cannon, Danny Masterson (more like ASSterson!  Yeah!), and Brody Jenner.  And if you know who all those people are, you know that it's really too bad Miami wasn't consumed by fire and swallowed into the ocean this weekend.  I know it's a fun city to party in and all that, but I think we can agree that it would have been worth it.

Anyway, Kristin's looking pretty good for a stereotypical attractive blonde girl.  You can tell she's a serious golfer because she's wearing her nicest pair of wedges.  Hey, maybe they're her SAND WEDGES!  (…no?  All right, I'll show myself out.)


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