03.02.07 11 years ago 9 Comments

So, everybody knows about Kansas State's tradition of throwing live chickens on the court when they play, Kansas, right? Well, there's been a sad development, as the K-State athletic department, possibly in response to a riotously hilarious letter from PETA, has now condemned the chicken toss.

The [PETA] letter described chickens as "very intelligent and inquisitive animals" that appeared to have been subjected to "deafening noise, bright lights, terror, abusive handling and likely death for the sake of amusement."… Said PETA director Debbie Leahy: "Any student who throws live birds on a basketball court should be thrown out of school."

Yeah, chickens are crazy smart. They're like dolphins with feathers. 

Kansas State had said it would not comment on the complaint, but the athletic department issued a statement Tuesday saying it considers live, non-service animals "contraband."

So, no more smuggling chickens into the game by stuffing them in your ass. Too bad. I've heard that counts as getting to third base in Kansas.

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