Landon Donovan Has Been Left Off The United States World Cup Roster

The United States Men’s National Team 2014 FIFA World Cup roster was released today and fans from Kalamazoo to somewhere that’s really far away from there are beside themselves in disbelief that Landon Donovan was left off the roster. As you can see above, the hero of the 2010 World Cup win over Algeria is nowhere to be found, and that’s pretty depressing to everyone who remembers the two most iconic video clips of that year. If there’s a sports fan or generally patriotic person who hasn’t watched these videos at least a few hundred times, he might need to be checked into an institution.

First, there was the actual amazing goal that gave the American team the win over Algeria, as called by Ian Darke…

And then there was the reaction shot of fans losing their minds as the goal happened live on TVs showing the game all over the country…

Oh New York grandma, you never fail to make me smile. I guess the good thing about Donovan not being on the roster – and trust me, I’m really reaching here – is that it’ll be up to one of the 23 men who did make the roster to try to match this amazing moment and the incredible reactions from around the country. Best of luck, fellas.