The Landshut Cannibals Brothel Jerseys Are Like Those Batman Jerseys For Perverts

That jersey is real. It exists, and people wear it when they play hockey. In real life.

It’s the warm-up jersey for 2nd Eishockey-Bundesliga’s Landshut Cannibals, a “second-tier league” that is totally and completely fine with local whorehouses putting their logos on everything. Their primary sponsor is Germany’s Lustra brothel, which you probably figured out when you saw a hockey jersey with nipple silhouettes and a big bone across the middle. Remember last week when I wrote about the Tulsa Oilers having a Batman night? These jerseys are exactly like those, except instead of Batman, they’re for people who pay for sex.

The Reddit user who shared the image didn’t snap a pic of the front of the jersey, but thanks to the folks at Puck Daddy we can verify that yes, they are exactly the same kind of bad:

Those big lips in the middle really make me want to fly to Germany and pay hundreds of dollars to put my stuff inside a stranger, how about you? Here’s a pic of the team wearing the in-game versions, which are black, and improved only by the drowning out of nude lady shapes.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. This is the same team that put an entire magazine cover in the center of their 2010 playoff jerseys.

Please come back, regular hockey.