Lane Kiffin Trolled Tennessee’s Coaching Search With A Kim Jong Un Photoshop

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As you may have heard, things are rather acrimonious at Tennessee right now. After the unmitigated disaster that was the failed attempt to hire Greg Schiano, the Volunteers have bounced from coaching candidate to coaching candidate in an attempt to figure out who will replace the recently-fired Butch Jones in Knoxville.

Amid all of this turmoil, one name keeps popping up: Lane Kiffin. This is not because many think it would be a good idea for the Volunteers to hire Kiffin — they absolutely, positively cannot, and if you don’t know why, Google the 2009 Tennessee volunteers — but rather, it’s because the Florida Atlantic coach is having a blast trolling his former program on Twitter.

Kiffin threw his biggest haymaker on Wednesday night, when he posted a picture of North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong Un on Twitter. He was in a Vols jacket, and the photo caption joked that he turned down the Tennessee job.

So yes, this is rather funny and a biting criticism of how many people probably want the Tennessee job right now, but it’s also in bad taste considering the whole “North Korea just did another missile test” thing. But to the surprise of no one, Kiffin is staying on brand at all costs, and his brand is “I really enjoy making fun of University of Tennessee and its football program.”