Las Vegas Native Andre Agassi Offers A Message Of Hope And Resiliency In A Powerful New Ad

Things are complicated in Las Vegas right now; It’s difficult to respond to and move on from the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history, which took place at the Route 91 country music festival last weekend. Even though Vegas is built on an image of extravagance and excess, perhaps the most hopeful and powerful message to emerge in the aftermath of this madness is in this new ad from the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, which is about as simple as it gets.

The 60-second clip shows a nighttime image of the Vegas strip, gradually zooming in and blooming into color. Without background music or any other added effects, tennis legend and Vegas native Andre Agassi recites a message about strength and what it means, especially during trying times:

“What is strength?

Strength isn’t anger. Strength isn’t vengeful. Strength isn’t rage.

Strength is unity. Strength is valet parkers who become medics. Mothers who become emergency responders. Sisters who shield brothers because they love them with the love that has no bounds.

Strength is first responders who tirelessly carry visitors and locals alike to safety until sunrise. It’s our medics and surgeons, all of them, who come running to the calls of those in need. It’s the police who turn over every stone to make this city safe again. It’s the local businesses that became sanctuaries for people to run to.

Strength isn’t evil or misguided. Strength is the voice of community and love in the face of the unspeakable. Strength is when we all pull together and rise up. All of us in every corner of this world.

Strength is what we all are today and strength is our promise for tomorrow.”

Watch the moving ad above, and check out the 30-second version below.