With Leather Live Discussion: UFC 164 – Henderson Vs. Pettis II

Boy, do we have a treat for you fight fans and scoundrels for the UFC 164 Pay-Per-View, live from Milwaukee tomorrow night at 10 PM ET, with the preliminary fights beginning at 6:30 PM ET. For starters, after Wednesday night’s fights on Fox Sports 1, Vince was all, “Hey bro, you think you’re so smart with your perfect record* in picks?” and I was all, “Yeah, bro. What’s it to ya?” Then he suggested that we arm wrestle to see who is smarter, but I told him that didn’t make sense, so we both agreed to make our picks for this UFC 164 live discussion and see who ends up with the better record. The prize? The other man’s soul.

But seeing as neither of us actually has a soul, there really isn’t any prize other than bragging rights, and he already has those, because more people like him. There are, HOWEVER, some prizes for you delightful vagabonds and tramps, as our friends at Roots of Fight are hooking us up with a few free shirts to give out to you, our fight fan friends. Alliteration aside, these shirts are awesome and I’d normally keep them for me and my invisible best friends, but y’all deserve a reward.

So here’s the plan – make your picks in the comments and make sure to include how many rounds you think each fight will go (tiebreaker). I’ll count up the picks and records, and the Top 3 picks will get a special t-shirt prize from Roots of Fight, and you can check out their gear right here to get a feel. But don’t get all picky and choosy, because I’ve already picked out the three shirts. In addition, if you’re in Toronto for UFC 165, Roots of Fight will have a display at Real Sports during the week leading up to the big event on September 21.

As for tomorrow night’s card, check out our good friend Lobster Mobster’s handy dandy fight primer here, as well as my own picks and Vince Mancini’s picks after the jump, then make yours in the comments for a chance to win some sweet t-swag. I also have 20 With Leather t-shirts to get rid of, so be on your best behavior.

*Some people might argue that my record is not perfect, but they are lying.

Burnsy Prediction: Cedenblad. I don’t know what his nickname “Jycken” means, and I know that I could very easily look it up or ask someone, but I don’t feel like it. That said, I think he bounces back on his loss in his UFC debut at UFC on FUEL TV back in April, so he can then focus on changing his picture on Sherdog.

Vince Prediction: Cedenblad. Hamman looked looked like a killer before he got smoked in his last couple fights. Neither guy has fought in over a year, but I give a slight edge to the one coming off a submission loss over a guy coming off two knockouts. Plus, “Magnus” is just a much tougher name than “Jared.”