With Leather’s Watch This: Adam Carolla Gave Tito Ortiz A Boxing Lesson

If you asked me to name two people who are both pretty popular in their respective industries but also still almost universally loathed inside and outside of them, I don’t think I could name two better people than Tito Ortiz and Adam Carolla. Now, to clarify on that, I’m one of the rare few people who doesn’t have a problem with Carolla, and while I don’t care for Ortiz as a professional fighter and/or person, things are always just a little more fun when he’s around.

So it’s fitting that Ortiz was a guest on the Adam Carolla Show on Monday, and Carolla offered Ortiz some boxing advice while he took some punches from the current Bellator fighter. And before you ask, no, Ortiz didn’t “accidentally” get one past him. I know, that would have been pretty great.

(H/T to Cage Potato)

World Series Game 1: Cardinals at Red Sox – 7:30 PM ET on Fox

So coverage starts at 7:30, which means I should tune in for first pitch, when? Like, 9:45? Because I’m not sitting through Joe Buck and Tim McCarver longer than I have to. Also, Red Sox in 6. It’ll be a little harder for them than it was in 2004.

NBA Preseason: Nets at Celtics – 7 PM ET on ESPN

Gee, I can’t wait to hear how this got better ratings than the World Series, since people will be watching it before the World Series starts and during the pregame coverage.

NHL: Bruins at Sabres – 8 PM ET on NBC Sports

At least we have three of the four major Boston sports teams covered on national TV tonight. Are we sure we can’t get a special airing of the Patriots’ practice on TBS? It would be worth it just to watch people freak out over the pre-empting of The Big Bang Theory and how Pats fans would respond to them on Twitter.