With Leather’s Watch This: Flare Surfing Looks Pretty Awesome (And Dangerous)

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Flare Surfing

This isn’t new news at all, but like most treasures of the Internet, it’s always new to someone. That said, back in 2011, professional surfer Bruce Irons decided to add a little flair to his routine as he actually attached flares to his surfboard so he looked like he was on fire and being chased by flames while he hit the waves. Earlier this month, the video found new life on Reddit and GIFs of Irons’ flare surfing have become a new hit, as has this video of him explaining to Red Bull where the idea came from.

If anything, it seems like a great way to enjoy a rush and fend off testicle-biting fish.

Flare Surfing 1

Flare Surfing 2

Flare Surfing 3

(GIFs via Reddit, H/T to Weather.com)

MLB: Indians at Twins or Angels at Rangers – 8 PM ET on MLB Network

The Indians hold a one-game lead over the Rangers for the second AL Wild Card spot, with just three games remaining on both teams’ schedules. Can it get any more exciting than this? Yes. Make them play with lions on the field.

NCAA Football: Middle Tennessee State at BYU – 9 PM ET on ESPNU

NCAA Football: Utah State at San Jose State – 9 PM ET on ESPN

Both of those games suck, as do all of the other games on Saturday. All of them except for one…

NCAA Football: South Carolina at UCF – Noon ET on ABC

BOOM, BITCHES! UCF on network television for the first time in the program’s legendary history. Heisman contender and frontrunner Blake Bortles leads the 3-0 Knights against the 2-1 Gamecocks from the meaningless SEC. South Carolina and the SEC should be thanking Jesus and UCF that the Knights are the best team in college football right now, because otherwise that pathetic conference wouldn’t even have a single TV viewer this week. What a joke.

Anyway, my final score prediction: South Carolina 47, UCF 12. Haha, I have so much confidence in my Knights!

*cries into couch pillow*

Sunday NFL Action

What a crappy Sunday this is. The 3-0 Miami Dolphins, the greatest football team, don’t play until Monday night, when they’ll take on the pathetic 3-0 New Orleans Saints.

My final score prediction: Saints 328762358783, Dolphins 9. Haha, I love my Dolphins!

*points gun at head, pulls trigger, gun backfires, blows hand off*

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