With Leather’s Watch This: Mike Trout Can Jump A Lot Better And Higher Than You

Hey, did you know that Spring Training is coming up soon? I know, thank God, right? I thought all we had to look forward to was that stupid Super Bowl game to break up the nauseating silence of the days that we live without the MLB in our lives. Anyway, some of the game’s biggest stars are already training hard for this upcoming season, like Mike Trout of the Anaheim Angels of Los Angeles, for example, as he recently posted this short video clip to Instagram. What’s he doing to try to help lead the Angels’ incredibly high payroll and underachieving offense to the Promised Land? He’s jumping.

NCAA Basketball
Florida at Alabama – 7 PM ET on ESPN2
Illinois at Ohio State – 7 PM ET on ESPN
Nebraska at Penn State – 8 PM ET on ESPNU
Colorado at Arizona – 9 PM ET on ESPN2
Middle Tennessee State at Tulsa – 9 PM ET on FS1
San Diego at Gonzaga – 10 PM ET on ESPNU

I’ll be studying these games every so closely to help guarantee that I win Warren Buffett’s $1 billion. I promise you this – if I win that money, I will purposely get more things wrong each day just so I can tell people how little I care.

NBA: Lakers at Heat – 8 PM ET on TNT
NBA: Nuggets at Trail Blazers – 10:30 PM ET on TNT

I read something yesterday about some asshole at ESPN that pisses everyone off saying Dwyane Wade is washed up. There are times that I feel like ESPN’s trolls make me like the Heat. I don’t like that.

NHL: Penguins at Islanders – 7:30 PM ET on NBC Sports

I still have no clue which channel NBC Sports is on Uverse.