With Leather’s Watch This: Nothin’, Just A Bro Missing A Back Flip Into A Truck

09.17.13 4 years ago 5 Comments

Thank Daniel Tosh and the Darwin Awards for this one. Because what else was the point of this bro trying to do a back flip into a moving truck? If he landed it, did he get a prize? Because I’m pretty sure I would have watched the clip of him executing a perfect back flip and I would have yawned, scratched my butt and gone back to watching a video of a dog and elephant that are best friends for the 6 billionth time.

Instead, he misses the landing and we all laugh at him for a day or two. You used to be so much cooler, random people posting videos on the Internet.

(Via UPROXX Video)

Minor League Baseball: Durham vs. Omaha – 7 PM ET on NBC Sports

Next week? Sure.

Next week? Sure.

I have a really good and serious idea for NBC Sports – why not try to become the hipster sports network? Show all of the stuff that mainstream sports fans don’t watch (you’re already doing a great job of this) and advertise it like, “Whatever, we don’t want you to watch our network anyway.” And then get a hot girl with nerd glasses to host Pro Football Talk and fire Mike Florio because he’s awful.

MLB: Baltimore Orioles at Boston Red Sox – 7 PM ET on MLB Network

The Baltimore Orioles are still clinging to their wild card hopes, as they trail Tampa Bay and Texas by two games. This won’t be a problem in 2018 when Bud Selig adds 9 more wild card spots.

And that’s all that’s on tonight, so here’s that video of a dog and elephant that I was talking about.

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