Leave This Out Of The Movie, Kurt

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10.28.10 8 Comments

In case you haven’t been watching – and I seriously hope you haven’t been watching – former Super Bowl MVP Kurt Warner has been a contestant on Dancing with the Stars this season, and his performances through this week have reportedly been bad. How bad? ABC tried to replace him with Marc Bulger Matt Leinart. I kid, I kid. But seriously, he’s been terrible.

I can judge Warner’s dancing skills with confidence because after watching this video of his performance from Tuesday night’s DWTS I watched a few other performances and then I cried a little, mainly because I had to watch videos of people dancing, but also because I sat on my balls a little. Warner and his partner Anna Trebunskaya received a score of 22 out of 30, which is still not as bad as Michael Bolton’s 12 from earlier in the season (Thanks, Google!). The judges also called this performance “awkward”, but only because Dick Vermeil was crying the whole time.

Watch Warner get jiggy with it and call for a flag after the jump…

As for Warner’s response, he just wants to know why people have to be so mean all the time, gosh:

“It feels like this has happened a couple times now — we come out and we perform what we thought was a good dance and then get scores that aren’t so good,” Warner told usmagazine.com after the show, where he and partner Anna Trebunskaya danced the Paso Doble to “The Final Countdown” as part of the show’s “Rock Week.” (Via NY Daily News)

Despite the complaints by Warner and the judges being big, fat meany faces, Warner will dance another day. Tuesday, to be precise. And your girlfriend or mom will make you watch, because they hate you.

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