LeBron James and Dwyane Wade Seductively Rocked South Beach Battioke

Pro Wrestling Editor
01.22.13 2 Comments

Earlier this month, Shane Battier of the Miami Heat uploaded a video of himself dressed like a ship’s captain, singing the theme to ‘The Love Boat.’ It was the worst THE BEST, advertised his second annual “South Beach Battioke” celebrity karaoke event, and allowed me to make a joke about LeBron James singing Pretty Ricky. As it turns out … I wasn’t that far off.

Behold, South Beach Battioke 2 (RETALIATION~) featuring LeBron James and Dwyane Wade serenading a “lucky fan” with the Gabrielle/East 17 classic ‘If You Ever.’ The clip starts kicking your ass right away with LeBron’s hip-gyrating take on Michael Jackson’s ‘Rock With You,’ then moves right into the LBJ/Wade ‘The Boy Is Mine’-style seduction.

I do not see anybody singing TV theme songs, but the clip is only 7 minutes long, so I’ll assume Mike Miller spent the next hour rocking out to The Rembrandts.

[h/t to Cosby Sweaters]

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