Thanks To The Rock, LeBron James Can Now Add WWE Champion To His Résumé

One of the cool things about being an incredibly famous and unfathomably wealthy professional athlete is that you get pretty much anything you want for free whenever you want it. For example, when LeBron James turned 29, he decided that he wanted a WWE Championship belt, and not one of those cheap versions that you can buy at Raw and Smackdown shows for ridiculous prices. He wanted the real deal so he could hold it for a little while and eventually lose it in a pile of tablets, smart phones, jewelry, clothes, shoes and loose stacks of hundreds.

Naturally, John Cena and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson said they’d hook the NBA’s best active player up with that belt that he so desires, and in the end it was Rocky who came through, and not that no good, lying Boston Celtics fan Cena, and handed a big, shiny belt over to James. To show his appreciation, the man who calls himself King James posted this video thank you to The Rock on Instagram.